New Callings …

After almost three years, I have been released as Activity Days Leader and am on to new responsibilities.  But I’d like to finish up this site so that there are activities suggested for each required activity.  I will continue to add activities (and will try to do this quickly before I have forgotten everything we did), but I’d love to include other ideas.  If you would like to contribute activities you have done to meet these requirements, just drop me a line in the comments and I will contact you.

Articles of Faith

We just finished a fun Articles of Faith activity which I have posted about.  We’ve done this a number of times and the girls always seem to have a good time and pass off a few more Articles.  This is by no means the only activity out there – go search google and you will see just how many resources there are.  However, in keeping with my goal to make activity days “active” this activity is full of games and there’s “prizes” at the end.  Take a look!

New Entries

I’ve added entries for Learning and Living the Gospel – number 2 and number 8.  I’m going to try and do more on the other areas – hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Our stake recently had a stake activity day.  This year each ward primary has been collecting items needed to complete school bag kits for distribution by the Church Humanitarian Services.  At the stake activity day all the girls in the stake helped assemble the kits.  There were tables set up around the gym, each with 1 type of item.  The girls were invited to make name tags (tags that they decorated with paper petals on which they were encouraged to write their name and things they liked) and then there was a “getting to know you” activity.  Each girl was given a worksheet where they had to find someone else who had done one of the things on the sheet.  Finally, the girls began going from table to table filling bags with the required items.  There was a long table set up with “quality control” girls who double checked each bag, which were then placed in boxes.  It was really cool to see all those bags!  And did I mention all the snacks that the girls could eat while going around from table to table?

Have you done something fun in your stake lately?  Wanna share??

New Page

Just added a new page with an activity idea for encouraging scripture reading.  This is a two-part activity.  We’ve only done the first part with our activity days girls, but so far they have been very enthusiastic, and had  a great time running around the park looking for clues.


I’ve just finished moving all my Activity Days info from my home blog to this new site, dedicated to the Activity Days progam of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  There are lots of great sites out there with tons of activity ideas.  So why another one??  Well, I have had a hard time finding ideas for the required activities listed in the Faith in God for Girls book.  I thought there might be other leaders out there who would appreciate some ideas on how to make those activities interesting as well.  Hopefully, reading my outlines will give other leaders out there ideas of ways they can make those required activities fun for their girls as well.